Monday 15 April 2013

Empire of the Sun - Alive

Empire of the Sun's debut album 'Walking On A Dream' was originally released way back in 2008.  The title track especially is a lush piece of summer alt-pop, but it's probably better known for accompanying that Toyota advert of two years ago...

Five years later (and armed with some fresh headgear), the Australian duo are returning with a new album - 'Ice on the Dune' - from which Alive is the first single.  It follows directly on from 'Walking On A Dream' and arrives just in time to accompany the sun's eventual appearance in UK airspace.  With its wash of azure synths, laidback beat and a middle-eight breakdown that rises joyously towards the final sing-along chorus, Alive immediately transports you to pure shores and sunnier climes.

Lap up the sunshine, bury your toes in the sand and breathe in the fresh salty air - 'Ice on the Dune' could well be an album that defines the summer.


Listen: Alive is released on April 16th.  'Ice on the Dune' is coming in June.