Monday, 7 January 2013

Little Nikki - DILLIGAF

LOL. OMG. YOLO. etc.

Now there's DILLIGAF, courtesy of popstarlet Little Nikki who, at just 16, has been nominated in the MTV Brand New For 2013 list.  Yes, another 2013 list.

For anyone unsure as to what DILLIGAF stands for, it's explained fairly punchily in the track's opening seconds.  It sets the expletive tone, matched by the ballsy grime and hip-hop inspired production that wildly switches its beats and roaring basslines.  The repeated opening refrain provides structure, though it does eventually border on annoyance.

Nikki's fiery attitude parallels the likes of Azealia Banks, though I suspect if Angel Haze said anything then DILLIGAF would be her response.  In fact, this is very much Nikki's own diss track to the world - take her or leave her.


Listen: Little Nikki will be releasing her debut album in the coming months.