Friday 4 January 2013

Hurts - Miracle

2013 is apparently going to be the year that ‘guitar music’ makes a grand return.  And judging by Miracle, Hurts are getting in on the act.

The suit-clad indie-popsters are making a comeback this year with their sophomore album ‘Exile’ to be released in March, following their 2010 debut ‘Happiness’.  This new material could prove controversial though, with the 80s synths swapped for guitars.  Essentially, they’ve done a Coldplay – Miracle sounding like a remix of Princess of China.  It’s certainly interesting new territory for the band.

That said, Hurts have always embraced the grandiose and Miracle is no exception.  This is Hurts through and through, with rich production, strong anthemic melodies and a gloriously powerful chorus.  Just as with ‘Happiness’, this will sound incredible live. 

And if you pre-order ‘Exile’, you can also download album track The Road, which roars and crescendos with industrial proportions.  The synths are still missing though - let’s just hope they haven’t been forgotten completely.


Listen: Miracle will feature on forthcoming album 'Exile', released on 11th March.

Watch: Hurts will tour the UK and Europe throughout March.