Wednesday 30 January 2013

Chlöe Howl - Rumour

For anyone even remotely interested in mainstream pop, Chlöe Howl should be at the top of your radar list.

Columbia’s latest young signing brought us No Strings at the end of the year.  Rumour follows suit, ramping the gears up a notch whilst retaining her 80s electro-meets-Lily Allen aesthetic.  Atop a squelching bassline and infectious beat, Howl squeezes in enough gossip and shock value to fill months worth of Hollyoaks.  It culminates in the chorus lyric “I’m just trying to work out how to be like myself” that perfectly epitomises teenage angst and spitefulness. 

In short, this is yet another example of Howl’s youthful ebullience and predilection for pithy lyrics.  Here’s hoping a full album arrives sharpish.  This could well be the year of Chlöe Howl – and that’s no mere rumour.


Listen: Both Rumour and No Strings can be heard on Soundcloud.