Monday 17 December 2012

Solange - True

Solange (aka Beyoncé’s younger, cooler sister) released one of the best pop tracks of the year with Losing You – all playful beats, breezy 80s electro-pop production and downbeat lyrics (“am I losing you for good?”).  It features on her EP ‘True’, which was released at the end of November – but how do the other tracks stack up?

At seven tracks long this is a lengthy EP, but it doesn't quite hang together as a full LP.  Each track is riffing on similar melodies, keys and instrumentation.  It gives ‘True’ an air of experimentation, like variations on a theme, as if this is a trial run for her next full album.  The lack of variety is a small disappointment, though.

Still, this remains an alluring collection of songs.  Nothing hits quite like Losing You, but Solange isn't in the pop market to compete with her sister with killer number one singles.  Instead ‘True’ is full of slow-burning appeal, eschewing belting vocal gymnastics, party tunes and power ballads for a gentler vocal delivery and greater degree of subtlety.  The 80s pop production continues throughout: bouncing on Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work in a similar vein to Losing You or Michael Jackson; sparkling in the chorus of Locked in Closets; bringing a sense of modern funk to Don’t Let Me Down; and swirling in a downbeat whirl on interlude Look Good With Trouble.  It’s an EP that proves that Solange has hidden in the shadows for far too long, as she raises the bar for future pop acts.  Losing You alone is worth the entrance fee.  There are high hopes indeed for her future work…


Listen: ‘True’ is available now.