Monday 10 December 2012

Katy B - Danger EP

Back in 2011 Katy B released her Mercury nominated debut 'On A Mission' - an album that brought pop inflected dubstep to the masses, thanks predominantly to some inventive production and collaborations rather than an alluring vocal.

This new EP has been released as a taster of what's to come from Katy B in the new year.  Lyrically, little has changed as she continues to party hard on Got Paid with her "new acrylics...diva lipstick, liquid liner", celebrating her latest paycheck on a Friday night.  Indulgent party anthems are de rigeur: Aaliyah a woman-to-woman plea not to steal her man on the dancefloor, Light As A Feather questioning what it takes to get down, and Danger a warning that perhaps Aaliyah got her way after all.

As ever, it's the production that impresses most of all, reflecting the variety of styles that are likely to influence the new album, as well as underlining further collaborations.  New single Got Paid features chaotic grime production from Geeneus and Wiley, whilst Diplo provides a heavy electro chorus to the otherwise chilled Light As A Feather.  Aaliyah and Danger are the real highlights though - the former including sultry vocals from Jessie Ware in a melancholic yet seductive dance tune; the latter produced by Jacques Greene with shimmering harp and crystalline synths.  It's further proof that Katy B certainly has an ear for an opportunistic collaboration, resulting in an EP that plays with current dance trends.  There's no danger that the forthcoming second album will live up to expectations.


Listen: 'Danger' is available for free on Katy's website.