Thursday 13 December 2012

Imagine Dragons - Hear Me

What is it with acts naming their tracks Radioactive?  We had Kings of Leon a few years ago, followed by Marina & The Diamonds and, most recently, Rita Ora.

Now it's the turn of Imagine Dragons, the indie rock band from Las Vegas.  Radioactive features on the band's latest EP, 'Hear Me', and was used on the advert for the new Assassins Creed game.  It marries guitars and a dubstep beat for a memorable and empowering chorus that shudders with apocalyptic force.  

Elsewhere, the EP includes three other songs that are more standard indie rock fare.  Think 'Hot Fuss' era The Killers or The Editors - the former of which also originated in Las Vegas.  Jangling guitars, reedy tenor vocals and a low-fi lack of gloss combine for a collection of songs that are decent, if indistinct.  Radioactive is by far their biggest hit and proves the band have the potential to make a splash and assassinate the competition.  With rock predicted to make a comeback in the near future, Imagine Dragons welcome us to the new age.


Listen: 'Hear Me' is available now.  Debut album 'Night Visions' is available now in the States and will be available in the UK from Feburary 2013.

Watch: Imagine Dragons will be touring the UK in April 2013