Monday 3 December 2012

Clean Bandit - A&E (Random Acts)

Classical-electro crossover band Clean Bandit release A&E next week, complete with a very odd video and a bassline that's quite frankly obscene.  

You might not like electro music, but the band explain on single Mozart's House why you're wrong - it's far from "boring", "stupid" or "repetitive".  You also might not think that a string quartet would have any place in electro music.  Again, you'd be wrong.

A&E begins gently enough with the string quartet playing a mournful chorale.  And then the beat kicks in, along with the aforementioned, funk bassline.  Add in bleeps and bloops, a steel drum melody, more classical string textures and both singing and rapping vocals, and your left with a track that simply shouldn't work.  But through the production of mastermind Jon 'Wandek' Patterson, it melds together in harmonious union.

As for the video, it uses as much computer trickery as the music, with slow and reverse motion dancing, a giant golden snake and a semi-naked violinist.  If that doesn't excite you, nothing will.


Listen: A&E (Random Acts) is released on 9th December.