Monday 31 December 2012

Bastille - Flaws

After signing to EMI's Virgin Records at the start of December, London-based Bastille (fronted by Dan Smith) are a strong prospect for 2013.  A number of EPs have been released in preparation for debut album 'Bad Blood' (due in March), of which Flaws is the most recent single.

Smith's music is difficult to categorize, inhabiting a space between pop, indie and electro.  There are hints of Ellie Goulding's electro-acoustic combo, Florence Welch's emo melodrama and Hurts' indie-electro cool.  Despite receiving considerable industry attention, Flaws is perhaps Smith's weakest offering - a jaunty tune that lacks memorable pop hooks, though clearly inspired by pop sensibilities.  B-side Durban Skies is a moodier and more evocative affair, whilst previous EP 'Overjoyed' features the reggae-influenced Sleepsong and dramatic electro-piano-ballad Overjoyed.

This musical schizophrenia culminates in Smith's two mixtapes, 'Other People's Heartache Parts 1&2', that feature unlikely and eclectic mash-ups of 90's and 00's tracks, including Frank Ocean, Haddaway, Lana Del Rey, Corona, TLC and Clint Mansell's soundtrack to 'Requiem For A Dream'.  Available for free on the Bastille website, the mixes are awesome and prove Smith undoubtedly has a talent for production.  Whether this can be applied to his own material remains to be seen.


Listen: His mixtapes are available for free on the Bastille website, whilst various EPs are available now.  Debut album 'Bad Blood' is released in March 2013.

Watch: Bastille performs across the UK throughout March, details here.