Wednesday 28 November 2012

Nikki Williams - Kill Fuck Marry

Def Jam's answer to Lana Del Rey?

You'd be forgiven for thinking so looking at the video - the extended introduction and cinematic approach; the emphasis on noir Americana; the scorned lover; motorbike riding; dusty deserts kissed by the setting sun and blinded by lens flare.  It's all in there.

Penned by Sia (the most in-demand songwriter of the moment), the song's depiction of a passionate affair fuelled by love and hate is also very 'Del Rey'.  It's heightened by madness and melodrama, with its references to "my insane love" and "a padded cell", all cleverly wrapped up in the 'kill, fuck, marry' game (a.k.a 'shoot, shag, marry' amongst other variants).

The production, however, is far from Del Rey's Hollywood glamour; instead it's more typical of Sia's usual pop-RnB output.  At times it threatens to overpower Williams' vocal - part Pink, part Kelly Clarkson - but her voice powers through on the ascending chorus line.  Kill Fuck Marry might not be unique, but it's a dark and memorable pop track.

Which begs the question: kill, fuck or marry?  Far from death but not quite marriage material, this track is worth far more than a one night stand.


Listen: Kill Fuck Marry is available in the US, with a UK release to follow soon.