Monday 26 November 2012

Haim - Don't Save Me

Haim are one of the breakthrough acts of the year and they're still yet to unveil their debut album (due next year).  Don't Save Me is the girls' first release since their 'Forever' EP back in February.  For anyone unfamiliar with their work, it's a great introduction to their sound - three sisters who grew up listening to a mixture of Americana, Fleetwood Mac and other folk-rock acts, plus 90s female RnB acts like En Vogue and Destiny's Child.  Don't Save Me leans more towards the folk-rock side of their influences with the guitar-based sound and raw vocals, yet the vocal harmonies, hand-clap beats and melodic hooks still hint towards the RnB end of the spectrum.  It's an alluring combination and a strong representation of girl power that doesn't rely on obvious sexual gratification and instead oozes cool.  In fact, the video sees the girls showing off some mad basketball skills, cheeky dance moves and head-banging to make Willow Smith jealous - it's sexy on a whole new level.


Listen: Don't Save Me is available now.