Monday, 12 November 2012

Everything Everything - Kemosabe

Just two months after Cough Cough was unveiled, Everything Everything have released yet another new track from their upcoming album ‘Arc’.

Cough Cough began with…well…coughing, but Kemosabe begins with some odd buzzing.  From there it blooms into a track that has everything you could want from the art-rockers: a hypnotic concoction of electronica and blazing guitars; jagged drum beats; Jonathan Higgs’ cooing falsetto vocals; and a healthy dose of intellectual weirdness – the title alone referring to the catchphrase of a fictional Native American character meaning “faithful friend”.  These two recent tracks show that the band’s new material is a little more accessible than on their debut, with instant chart appeal, whilst retaining their signature depth of sound and complexity.  It’s all paving the way towards a superb second album.


Listen: Kemosabe is released on the 6th January, with the full album following on 14th January.

Watch: Everything Everything will be touring the UK in February.