Monday 3 September 2012

Yuno - Sunlight

As August turns to September, the temperature becomes cooler, the evenings draw closer, the sun fades and the summer dies.

There's nothing like a new song to commemorate this change of season and now we have Yuno's Sunlight to enjoy.  Like Chad Valley's recent Fall 4 U, this is a celebration of sunny timbres but here in the indie-surf-pop vein as popularised by The Drums.  A haze of guitars shimmers gloriously over the horizon, from which Yuno's vocal emerges.  Yet it's a vocal tinged with longing and misery: "I'll be with you sometime, alone in the sunlight", he sings, but as the sun fades how much time is left?

If you like what you hear, you can help to fund Yuno's future album 'V' by pledging a donation on the Kickstarter website.  It might be a cheeky request, but if it brings more tunes of this standard it should be well worth the price.


Listen: An EP and album 'V' are on their way in 2013.