Friday 7 September 2012

The Other Tribe - Skirts

Everyone loves a rave on a Friday in the middle of summer, right?  Except this tune is released at the end of September.  Bad timing guys.

Still, six-piece indie-dance band The Other Tribe are not only huge in their native Bristol, but have become festival favourites over the summer (those lucky enough to be at Bestival this weekend should definitely check these guys out).  The video sees the band embracing the festival spirit, our blonde protagonist falling down the rabbit hole into a hippy forest rave.

With Skirts, it's easy to see why their popularity has grown - all tribal rhythms, techno beats, falsetto melodies ("hit me up in the summertime, when the length of your skirt is just right") and rave synths.  It's jittery and crazed, glowing neon and glistening with sweat.  If this doesn't get you high on life, dancing shoeless in a muddy field then nothing will.


Listen: Skirts is released on 30th September.