Saturday, 29 September 2012

Nylo - Memories Speak

Little is currently known about this American singer, currently residing in Chicago, even if she can count Nas as a recent fan.  The music pretty much speaks for itself though.

Somewhat a female Weeknd, and not only because her current EP ‘Memories Speak’ is available for free download on her website, this electro-R&B has a similarly futuristic feel.  Synth washes curl like smoke in the air above hushed bass murmurings and minimalist beats, whilst Nylo’s Weeknd-esque vocal phrasing floats effortlessly over the slick production - in Someone Like You especially.  Attention is something of an odd one out, the half-rap half-singing vocal and heavier beat reminiscent of garage music.  Sugar On The Floor haunts with its ghostly, processed vocals and sparse, plodding piano.  And the EP ends on a greater high with the sublime Rent Free, her heart aching with the line “you’re not welcome anymore…this is no longer your home, if it wasn’t for love”.  With music like this, it’s impossible to hate Nylo.


Listen: You can download the EP from Nylo’s website.