Monday 17 September 2012

Natalia Kills - Controversy

For a track called Controversy, there’s not much that’s actually controversial about this record besides a list of things that are generally frowned upon, the odd expletive and spanking a stuffed rabbit toy.

In both controversy and sound, Natalia Kills falls somewhere between GaGa and Azealia Banks.  Whilst her debut album of last year (‘Perfectionist’) was all GaGa dance-pop, her sophomore album ‘Trouble’ is evidently moving in a darker direction, judging by this track released as a viral teaser.  Like Banks’ 212, it features a thumping house beat that’s almost entirely bass drum, above which Kills half-raps half-speaks her lyrics in a manner similar to the middle eight of Madonna’s Vogue.  

But what’s the point?  The lyrics are just a list that don’t amount to anything.  Sonically this is a club banger that will hopefully see Kills ace her second album.  Yet, as cool as this is with its irresistable beat, Kills just can’t compete with the effortless Azealia.

And what’s wrong with Kool-Aid?


Listen: Second album 'Trouble' will be released in 2013.