Monday 14 May 2012

Ruby Goe - Badman

Last November Ruby Goe's hit us with Get On It, dressed in her heels and hooded dress.  But it seems the guy who left her "walking like Bambi" wasn't all he cracked up to be.

Badman isn't as instantly catchy as the fizzing synths of Get On It.  Equally, it's less frivolous.  After the opening bass introduction, the production builds before settling into a mid-tempo groove punctuated by the spattering snare drum.  Expect to see some inventive remixes in the near future.  Meanwhile, Ruby intones "you're a badman" in suitably sexy fashion - no matter where he slept last night or who else she can taste on his lips, she just can't stay away.  He's killing her blow by blow, but she won't put up a fight.  It offers an interesting counterpoint to her previous record, melting from aggressive, domineering feminism to helpless submissive.  Here's hoping there's an album on the way of equally provocative tunes.


Listen: Badman is released on 16th July.