Tuesday 8 May 2012

Rachel Sermanni - Black Currents

Rachel Sermanni is the latest member of the folk revival.  The young Scottish singer-songwriter has been gigging for some time now, but it's only recently that her 'Black Currents' EP was released, with separate single Eggshells to be released later this month.

Sermanni can most closely be likened to Laura Marling.  She emits an effortless beauty, all gently fingerpicked guitars, swells of strings and a delicate vocal.  Breathe Easy epitomises this, with its descending double bass introduction making way for Sermanni's voice to subtly emerge.  It's not all pretty songs though.  The Fog is a standout piece, a more aggressive offering - rhythmic guitar strums and staccato strings compliment Sermanni's soaring, dominating vocal.  The remaining two tracks, Black Current and Song To A Fox, contain plenty of magical moments - the string pizzicato of the former, with its contrasting sections, and the frosty electronica of the latter, surging like a howling wind.

The comparisons with Laura Marling are palpable.  Yet, with a darker, more melancholic edge, Sermanni stands apart with music of spellbinding beauty.


Listen: 'Black Currents' is available now.  Future single Eggshells will be released on 21st May.

Watch: Sermanni has a number of gigs planned for the summer months, both supporting and stand alone.