Thursday 17 May 2012

Paper Crows - Build

For their new EP 'Build', London duo Paper Birds have developed the world's first multi-video interactive promo.  Essentially this allows you to watch a four screen video to accompany their electronic music, which can be altered by simply scrolling across the screens.  It's certainly an innovative use of music and video in this digital age.

Luckily the music is good enough to substantiate the marketing.  The duo are Duncan McDougall on production and vocalist Emma Panas, who've had a number of tracks floating around on the web including debut Stand Alighta cover of Kate Bush's Cloudbusting and last year's rave-flavoured When Friends Survive.  These caught the attention of Pete Tong who signed the duo to his FFRR label.

Whilst their earlier material had a neo-gothic feel that many likened to Bjork and Bush (hence the cover), the four tracks of 'Build' have turned towards a more popular aesthetic.  Opener Happier, featuring extra vocals from Major Look, has a huge soaring chorus that Hurts would be proud of.  Melodic hooks are abundant throughout, inducing some real sing-along moments.

There remains, though, an aura of electronic ethereal wonder.  The final section of Happier sees the vocals played backwards with alien effect, whilst Disarm juxtaposes grinding synth pads with glistening, crystalline melodies.  Homebound features some sumptuous production which, combined with Panas's breathy, delicate vocal, wouldn't go amiss on an Ibiza chillout album.

The EP also includes remixes by Rudimental (of Feel The Love fame), Kidnap Kid and Grum, the latter especially transforming the gently meandering Changing Colours into a glittering piece of house music.  'Build' is definitely worth checking out.


Listen: 'Build' is available now.

Watch: Paper Crows have a couple of upcoming London gig dates.