Wednesday 16 May 2012

Garbage - Not Your Kind of People

When a band reconvene after a long hiatus, it generally goes one of two ways.  The optimist says the band have had time to develop and create some of their best work yet.  The pessimist says the new album is merely a cynical money-making project.

And so Garbage return with their first new album following 2005's 'Bleed Like Me' and a string of label difficulties that prompted their long hiatus.  Released on the band's own record label and on their own terms, this unfortunately hasn't sparked a wave of new found freedom and creativity.

Instead, this is business as usual for the band.  For some that's no bad thing.  'Not Your Kind of People' offers a string of electro-infused grunge rock in-keeping with the band's style and of course features the trademark vocals of flame-haired Shirley Manson.  Blazing guitars mix with processed beats and keyboard spikes, colliding to form some stadium-filling choruses.  Big Bright World for example has a typically pop chorus amongst the angsty vocals and guitars.  The title track, meanwhile, provides Manson the opportunity to show a rare moment of vulnerability in her voice, which contrasts with the aggressively sung Battle In Me with its sudden chorus pauses.

On the flip side, none of the songs particularly stand out and there's nothing here to rival previous hits like Stupid Girl or I Think I'm Paranoid.  'Not Your Kind of People' is therefore not the band's best work, but it's far from failure.  The return of Garbage should be a moment of celebration and this album does provide a certain retro thrill.  It's just a shame the band haven't moved with the times.


Gizzle's Choice:
* Big Bright World
* Control
* Battle In Me

Listen: 'Not Your Kind of People' is available now.

Watch: Garbage will be touring the UK and Europe over summer.