Thursday 2 June 2011

Take That - Love Love

Initially, Take That may not be your first choice for the X-Men: First Class soundtrack.  In truth, this is a thumping track to accompany the credits, with lyrics that subtly invoke the film: "This is a first-class journey from the gods to the son of man / You're at the gates of human evolution don't you understand?".  It's no wonder their latest album is entitled 'Progress'.

Much has been said about Robbie Williams' influence on the band.  In my opinion he brings a sense of modern cool, which coupled with Barlow's songwriting ability is a winning formula - the band's evolving sound is a welcome mutation.  The track is well produced: the march-feel like a mutant call to arms, the falsetto hook lingering in your mind, the middle-eight synths adding an alien quality.

Cynics will say this is merely Kidz meets Muse's UprisingBut this is a great pop track in its own right from a band in the midst of evolution.