Monday 6 June 2011

Incubus - Adolescents

I was shocked to read that Incubus originally formed way back in 1991.  That's two whole decades of music.  But the thing I love most about the band is their ability to evolve.  Each of their albums is totally distinctive and their influences are varied - from their early funk-metal days, to their acoustic songs and more recent asian inspired music.  Hearing Aqueous Transmission performed live was like feeling inebriated without an alcoholic beverage or spliff in sight.

This latest track is more a refinement of the band's sound, continuing from 'Light Grenades', but it proves the band's mature and sophisticated approach.  It employs varying tempo changes to great effect, which gives the chorus real power; Boyd's unique vocal soaring over the expansive guitars.  And then, following a sweet guitar solo, there's the oriental sounding middle-eight.  Sure, it's a little out of place, but it's a great contrast to the rest of the track. 

Adolescents is a slick, sophisticated rock track - like the sharply monochrome video.  Incubus are back and showing new school bands how it should be done.