Monday, 13 June 2011

City and Colour - Fragile Bird

Fragile Bird probably isn't what most City and Colour fans were expecting from songwriter Dallas Green.  There's a distinct change from debut album 'Sometimes', featuring largely acoustic tracks such as Save Your Scissors and Comin' Home, to third album 'Little Hell' (pictured).  It still contains hauntingly melancholic tracks (O' Sister in particular), but tracks like Fragile Bird exemplify a move away from the signature acoustic guitar.  What remains though is Green's fragile vocal and songwriting talent.

The opening distorted guitars immediately set the tone for a much rougher sound, with a much greater emphasis on bass and percussion.  There's even an electric guitar solo.  It's the total opposite of the treble heavy acoustic songs we're used to, as if Green is purposefully trying to mark a very clear change.  The country and blues influences prevail though - this is unwaveringly American in style and undoubtedly Green's work. 

Is this a change for the better?  The acoustic tracks will always be the more touching, but the new sound is a more hopeful distraction from the durge of melancholia.