Sunday 26 June 2011

Bridesmaids (2011) - Paul Feig

We've had the Royals and wedding season is in full flow.  But this summer it's all about boys vs girls; stags vs hens; The Hangover: Part 2 vs Bridesmaids.

The first scene in Bridesmaids immediately highlights the differences between the sexes: men like it hard and fast, women like it slow.

Of course I'm talking about the jokes.  The Hangover is a riot of non-stop laughs - crazy scenario builds on crazy scenario with little concern for narrative.  It's insane, random and shallow yet utterly hilarious.  But Bridesmaids has a secret heart - the jokes are all a facade.  In truth, it's masquerading as Bridget Jones 4, with all the Mr Wrong vs Mr Right, bitching women and BFFs you can imagine.  When the jokes slow down it feels...depressing.  It's not a film about a wedding but a film about a woman trying to find her purpose in life.  Of course, hilarity does ensue and there are enough shocking moments to keep the entertainment rolling along nicely - though as you'd expect these come more from the extra characters.  Our protagonist Annie (Kristen Wiig) is very much central to the film, relying on her dry delivery for many a laugh.  There are enough jokes to keep everyone amused, but perhaps it's the (overwhelmingly) female audience who will relate more to the scenarios and characters involved.

So who wins the summer wedding battle?  The girls clinch it, due to novelty over The Hangover: Part 2's formulaic approach.  But the overall war goes to the combined efforts of the Hangover boys - I'm sticking with the lads.