Monday 18 April 2011

The Wombats - Anti-D

This record really is appalling.  I don't understand why the radio stations feel the need to play this practically on repeat.  I'm looking at you Radio 1.

"Please allow me to be your anti-depressant", drones Murphy.  All you're doing is making me feel more depressed.  This isn't therapeutic somehow.  It's a durge and far from the grand production it attempts to emulate.  Note to bands: orchestral strings alone do not an epic song make.  From the langurous vocal to the slow tempo and repetitive instrumental lines, Anti-D can only be described as a distillation of boredom.  After listening to one play through I needed prozac to be injected directly into my brain.

It's the antithesis to the upbeat, sing-a-long Moving To New York and more recent Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)The only people who could possibly enjoy this shite are twelve year old emos whose long, lank hair is so greased up it's blocked their capacity for rational thought and the ability to recognise decent music.

Excuse me whilst I go and slit my wrists.