Tuesday 19 April 2011

We Are The Ocean - The Waiting Room

On the one hand, I really like this track.  I listen to this and reminisce of being a hormonal teenager listening to moody rock music - what my parents would call "the angry young man" act.  Catchy guitar and vocal riffs, the odd shouting vocal line and energetic drums are the order of the day, coupled with suitably emo lyrics - "Locked in the waiting room, my time is coming soon / There's no more life in me, I'm tied to catastrophe".  The downtrodden lyrics with aggressive, high-powered rock will always be a winning combination (The Wombats - take note).

On the other hand, consider this: this is the second single from the upcoming album 'Go Now And Live' after What It Feels Like, yet both tracks sound identical.  Plus, We Are The Ocean follow on from more recent emo-pop-rock acts such as You Me At Six and Kids In Glass Houses that have graced the airwaves.  It's no wonder they've all toured together - they're all much of a muchness. 

Despite this, the radio-friendly rock tunes of all three bands are difficult not to like.  And this enjoyment proves you're never too old to play the angry young man.