Thursday 7 April 2011

My First Tooth - Sleet and Snow

Searching for the next big thing?  Well it's right here.

If you're heading to Glastonbury this year, make sure you catch this band - they're awesome live.  Before you do, check out the album 'Territories' - it's a brilliant listen.

Sleet and Snow is released as a single on the 11th April (available here) - if you've been listening to Lauren Laverne on Radio 6 recently you may have already heard it.  It may have (just) turned into summer, but if it's already too much this wintery themed song will be your hayfever antidote.  My First Tooth have successfuly merged pop melodies with a folk aesthetic and with this track it works beautifully.  The opening mandolin riff sets the mood - equally melancholic and hopeful.  At it's core, Sleet and Snow is a great little song, but the addition of female vocal harmonies, flute and trumpet elevate the sound with warmth and a jaunty charm.  It's enough to make you skip the summer so you can cosy up to the fire to escape the blizzard, this song on repeat. 

Gorgeous and touching, this band isn't to be missed.


For more information on the band and to hear Sleet and Snow click here, or to hear the full album, head over to Spotify