Tuesday 5 April 2011

Metronomy - The Look

This video contains the most disturbingly animated seagulls I've ever seen...

Video aside, the song's not bad either, chosen by Nick Grimshaw as his record of the week.  The electro band first formed back in 1999 and are set to release their forthcoming third album, 'The English Riviera', later this month featuring The Look.

The electro style is clean and minimalist, somewhat reminiscent of Hot Chip.  It's an interesting mix of electronic and acoustic instruments and has a restrained sense of cool.  This is also the song's biggest weakness.  The Look feels too clinical, too measured, matching the blank whiteness of the video.  The name 'Metronomy' is fitting of the band's reticent nature and the track only really gets going once the synth solo hits, more befitting an 8-bit video game.  Whilst this has its charm, the band lacks soul.

I also don't get the relevance of the seagulls, except to scare the sh*t out of me.