Friday 15 April 2011

Lady Gaga - Judas

Ear condoms at the ready, prepare for the next musical insight into the crazy world of Lady Gaga.

This is pretty much Gaga by numbers.  And by now, we all know what those numbers are.  Massively over the top production.  Bizarre lyrics ("fame hooker, prostitute wench").  Stuttering vocal hooks ("Juda-Juda-ah-ah").  A rapped middle eight (with the aforementioned "ear condoms").  And an incessant beat that will have men and women across the globe dancing in a ridiculously camp fashion, sweat dripping between their breasts as they claim that Gaga is the best thing since Madonna.

There's no denying that the chorus to Judas is weak.  Sorry 'monsters'.  It's dull.

However, she makes up for it with the sexually chromatic bassline and beat combo - thunderous and bombastic.  There are multiple similarities with Bad Romance, mainly in the lyrical message and the catchy "Juda-Juda-ah-ah" hook, though I fear this will rapidly annoy.  But, like the best of Gaga's output, it's loud and proud with dramatic production that juxtaposes the dark and seedy with the upbeat - fans will definitely be in need of the ear condoms.  It may be formulaic but it's been expertly crafted in her own unique way.  I previously stated that Born This Way would be the pop anthem of 2011.  I was wrong.  Judas is.

Most of all, it's FUN.  Perhaps it's time we all fully embraced the bizarre and learnt to let loose a little.


Judas is available now on iTunes.  To listen to the track in full click here.