Saturday 9 April 2011

Kanye West feat. Rihanna, Kid Cudi - All Of The Lights

Although the video features most prominently Kid Cudi and Rihanna (with her rack/side-boobs out - standard), this track additionally includes a wealth of talent from Alicia Keys and Fergie to John Legend, La Roux and Elton John.  The point?  Who knows.  It just smacks of Kanye's arrogance - the differing voices are massively underused and hardly noticeable.  Ultimately, this is very much a Kanye track with a bit of Rihanna thrown in for good measure.

The track begins with a melodramatic piano and cello opening (Elton John's contribution), which never sounds quite in tune.  When the track proper begins, the most pronounced sound is the obnoxious synth brass - clearly ripped from an early '90s Casio keyboard.

Yet despite these faults, Kanye's inherent sense of cool shines through.  His rap tells a dark tale of domestic violence and adultery, befitting a noir thriller.  Well, the album is called 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' after all.  The production as a whole is a high energy, perpetual crescendo, though it does overpower the narrative.  Only when you listen with headphones can you hear the impressively detailed layering.  Most of all, the vivacious percussive beat is irresistable.

Be warned though: the video takes the title literally, it WILL hurt your eyes.