Wednesday 27 April 2011

Jamie Woon - Spirits

I can't get enough of this song at the moment. 

Woon's irresistable style fuses soul, RnB and dub-step for a cutting-edge, yet commercially friendly, sound.  Spirits is brooding and sultry, with haunting vocal melodies and a strong gospel feel.  This fusion is almost reminiscent of an ultra-modern Michael Jackson.  His liquid vocal is constantly at the fore, incorporating reverb effects yet maintaining the soulful tone.  The minimal production enforces this, giving the vocal space to breathe.

And then there's the YouTube live version (see below).  I'm a sucker for this style of loop sampling, but the way the song slowly builds is expertly crafted.  This version only fortifies Woon's songwriting and vocal talents.

I recently stated my disappointment at this year's 'BBC Sound of' nominee albums, namely Clare Maguire, Jessie J and James Blake.  Whilst each of these artists have had a couple of standout tracks, their albums have largely been unfulfilling.  Woon's album 'Mirrorwriting' (available now, pictured), featuring both Spirits and Night Airsomewhat falls into the same trapThese are undoubtedly the highlights in a decent, if a little monotonous, effort.  It's still well worth checking out though, even if it's just to download this absolute gem.