Tuesday 8 February 2011

Rumer - Slow

With vocal comparisons it's best, on first hearing, to give the benefit of the doubt.  But with Rumer, she is basically just doing a Karen Carpenter impression, albeit a good one.

It's a smooth, gentle vocal with perfect diction and is perfectly pleasant to listen to.  But that's Rumer's problem - her music is pleasant, nothing more.  As the name suggests, it's a slow one.  Its jazz harmonies provide the perfect piece of background music to slowly...drift off...to......zzzzzz...

Perhaps I'm being overly critical.  Rumer has a very musical vocal delivery and the simplicity of the music, which allows her voice to take the fore, should be applauded for its honesty.  But the track lacks...balls.  It needs some oomph to lift it out of forgetability.

Expect to see this on a bargain easy-listening compilation soon alongside Sade, Dido and Norah Jones.