Thursday 10 February 2011

RockNRolla (2008) - Guy Ritchie

The words ‘flogging’, ‘dead’ and ‘horse’ come to mind.

It seems all Guy Ritchie is capable of directing is gangster films (minus Sherlock Holmes).  Fast-paced editing.  Dodgy dealings.  Two-dimensional characters.  An apparently intelligent script that is in fact, through its liberal use of profanities, pretty immature.  A convoluted plot that’s all a bit silly.  And plenty of brash Laaaaandaners.

All the stereotypes are in there – your arrogant, money-hungry boss; your drug-addled weirdo; your cold but sexy female; your young, butt-of-everyone’s-jokes guy (literally).  Yet, despite the presence of some emerging British talent, the film (and the genre) just feels so tired and mediocre: a bit violent, slightly amusing in places, but also messy and not all that interesting.

Ten years ago, with the re-emergence of the gangster genre, Guy Ritchie was at the top of his game.  But since then times have moved on and it’s about time he caught up.


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