Monday 14 February 2011

Foo Fighters - White Limo

Later this month Dave Grohl is set to win the 'Godlike Genius' award at the Shockwaves NME awards 2011.  Whilst it's undoubtedly deserved after his exceptional music career, this track really doesn't do him, or the Foo Fighters, justice.

It's not an official single, but a teaser song for the upcoming album released in April.  The comedy video features Motorhead frontman Lemmy, and Grohl seems to have channeled a bit of Motorhead into White Limo.  The track starts with a heavy, chromatic guitar riff that has a classic metal sound.  The chorus, however, is Foo Fighters through and through.

For me, though, the best Foo tracks are the most melodic - classics like Monkey Wrench, The Pretender, Times Like These and (my personal favourite) Everlong amongst othersI realise these are their most commercial tracks, but there's a reason for that - they allow Grohl to prove his guitar skills and his rock vocal.  White Limo by contrast just features a lot of incoherent screaming.  As such, it's a real shame the vocals don't match the guitar riffing.