Saturday 5 February 2011

Clare Maguire - The Last Dance

I can't get enough of Clare Maguire.

This is the second single from the BBC Sound of 2011 top five nominee, following the incredible Ain't NobodyThe more I relish in her voice, the more I melt.  Here, it's given full reign - as Maguire powerfully belts out the chorus, the music swells in its euphoria.

The lush, 80's style production is excellent - rich strings punctuated by synthesised melodic riffs and thumping drums.  There is something of a battle for dominance between the music and the voice, but Maguire was always going to be the victor here (for an alternative, listen to the Chase & Status remix).  The harmony adds a mournful quality, reflecting the subject matter - Maguire wrote the song following the death of her childhood hero Michael Jackson.  As such, it's a very personal track and her powerful lungs reveal a vulnerable, earnest side.  Further, the vocals and production combine for a truly emotive effect.

It doesn't have quite the same punch as Ain't Nobody, but it's still a brilliant pop song that deserves a place on everyone's iPod.  It's available on 20th February, with the album 'Light after Dark' just one week behind.  Tickets are also available for Maguire's tour - if you still need persuading, here's a live acoustic version of The Last Dance and a live version of Ain't Nobody.

A unique voice and a unique talent.  Superb.