Wednesday 2 February 2011

Chipmunk feat. Chris Brown - Champion

Anyone who's been listening to Chris Moyles' breakfast show recently will have probably heard Tina Daheley's version of this track.  Whilst it's a semi-joke, it's probably the superior version.

Chris Brown seems to be attempting something of a comeback after the fallout following his split with Rihanna.  She's on top, he's playing catch-up.

He's teamed up with young British rapper Chipmunk for this track.  Sure, the chorus hook is catchy and it's got a good beat.  But the rest of Champion is totally uninspired - Brown is trying far too hard to self-consciously reinvigorate his image.  It's hardly "the meanest shit I ever wrote".  Even the pretentiously cool video is dull: a copy of TI's Dead and Gone feat Justin Timberlake, just with a different shade of sepia. 

The real champion here?  Tina Daheley and the Radio 1 breakfast team.