Saturday 26 February 2011

Alexis Jordan - Good Girl

I'm not ashamed to say that Happiness is one of my favourite tracks from last year.  Good Girl is the follow-up and again proves what a great production team Jordan has working with her.

Of course it helps that she has a good voice, as showcased on this acoustic track (though 'happiness' is only one word not two...).  This second track is yet another sucessful dance-pop hybrid. 

However, the song fails with its structure.  After the second verse and chorus it just ends, so it never really hits full throttle.  Resultingly, the song falls prey to repetition - you're a good girl, ok, we get it.  Also, the lyrics are appaling: "You'd better have some cake"?!  Ah, don't mind if I do...

Good Girl is poised to hit the top five this week - it's deserving, but this track isn't as good as her debut.