Tuesday 28 December 2010

Yuck - Georgia

Yuck are at the forefront of the grunge and shoegaze revivals set to occur this year and have been nominated for the BBC SO2011.  The band consists of ex-members of Cajun Dance Party, plus some new guys, after a year of experimentation following the band's dispersion.

It's great to see a proper guitar band arrive on the music scene and Yuck certainly fit the bill.  Their sound is reminiscent of the early 1990s, reflected in the nostalgic video to this track.  It's probably their most accesible and grows on you over time, with distorted guitar riffs and catchy melodies lightly sung by both male and female vocals.  Annoyingly, whilst it's great to hear the guitar sound taking the foreground, the vocals are a little too low in the mix and blend with the guitar, though this was probably intentional.  Also check out Rubber and The Base Of A Dream Is Empty - the former is a longer, more experimental track, whilst the latter is too similar to Georgia (though arguably better)The band have a great overall sound which will appeal to the diminishing rock demographic, so it will certainly be interesting to see how the full album pans out.

Additionally, the band have an acoustic side project named Yu(c)k.  Slightly XX-esque, the simple piano and vocal tunes are excellent- in particular Automatic and Weakened.