Monday 20 December 2010

Top 5 Christmas Pop Songs

It's the start of Christmas week and there's only five sleeps until our houses will be invaded by a fat man in a red suit, who only leaves us presents after stealing our alcohol and carrots.  What better way of celebrating than a Christmas countdown?

5. The Pogues feat. Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale of New York

This song never really appealed to me when I was younger - the out of tune, droning male vocal annoyed me (and still does).  But as I get older the cynicism of this song appeals to the Scrooge in me.  And what's not to like with the classic lyric: "You scumbag you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot"?

4.  Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmastime

You can't go wrong with a bit of McCartney (just look at that picture!!).  Well ok, there is Mull of Kuntyre.  But the instantly recognisable synth that runs throughout this track has a distinctly warm, Christmas feeling.  To me it sounds equally nostalgic and contemporary - the perfect Christmas balance.

3.  Cliff Richard - Saviour's Day

Every household has a Christmas album they listen to every year.  For us, it's Cliff Richard (blame my Mother...).  We've listened to it every year since I can remember.  It's full of classics like Christmas Alphabet and Scarlet Ribbons.  But Saviour's Day takes the crown.  The pipes!  The drums!  The weird little electronic flute twiddles at the end!  Cliff is the personification of the ghost of Christmas past.

2.  Chris deBurgh - A Spaceman Came Travelling

Forget Lady in Red.  This is the best Chris deBurgh song (though admittedly, that's not saying much).  They say a good song tells a good story and this certainly does.  It has a suitably futuristic sound (for 1975) and a more subtle Christmas message.  Give it a listen and you won't get the 'la la la' chorus out of your head.

1.  Wham! - Last Christmas

I have a soft spot for slightly depressing music and this track is equally melancholic and uplifting.  Yes the synth hook is iconic, the mullet-filled video is appaling and everybody loves a bit of cheesy Wham!.  But more so, it points out that if this Christmas turns out to be shit, well at least there's always next year...