Saturday 11 December 2010

Rihanna feat. Drake - What's My Name

It seems Rihanna is hell-bent on world domination.  Not content with a massive number one single this November (Gizzle Review: Only Girl (In The World)), within the space of a couple of weeks she's released not one but two singles which have made the top ten instantly: this track and Who's That Chick with David Guetta (seriously, does she not know who she is?!).

Thankfully, this track (second single from current album Loud) is the best of the three.  Here, Rihanna shows her softer side, especially when compared to the harder edge of last album Rated R.  It's still typically sexy though, with plenty of lyrical innuendo: "Baby you're a challenge, let's explore your talents".  Though, to be fair, after her recent X-factor performances I don't think anyone can blame her.  It's just a shame about her dress sense in the video...

But all this sex is sugar-coated into a great RnB pop song - it's cute, but with a knowing wink.  Where Umbrella was a sweet romance dressed up in dark production, this track is it's antithesis.  The mid-tempo beat is somewhat reminiscent of Rude Boy, but with a light synthesiser riff, a soaring middle eight and catchy hook: "Oh na na, what's my name".  It's smooth, glides over the ears, and thankfully, Drake's Kanye West impression is restricted to the start of the song and nothing more. 

For my money, Rude Boy is still her best track.  But there's just no stopping her at the moment and it seems that goal of world domination is inching ever closer.