Monday 27 December 2010

Jamie Woon - Night Air

Another Sound of 2011 nominee, Jamie Woon is a 27 year old songwriter and producer.  After a few years in the business, he has now been signed by Polydor. 

Night Air typifies his brand of electro-soul.  It's a mid-tempo track, whose opening percussive synth will instantly draw you in.  It establishes a dark, sexy atmosphere that illustrates the titular night air and the sultry bass riff provides a distinctive groove.  The production overall is slick with the subtle addition and subtraction of various synth sounds which compliment the soft, soulful vocal.  The video too has a mysterious, silhouetted character which supports the music.

This is an excellent track and well worth a listen.  And visit his website to download a free track - sweet! Jamie Woon Homepage