Thursday 9 December 2010

Far East Movement - Like a G6

Every time I hear this song, one question continuously springs to mind: what the hell is a G6?

Well, I decided it was time to put this question to rest.  Using the only weapons necessary in any researcher's arsenal - Google, Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary - I will attempt to shed some light on what this song is actually about...

'G6' refers to a number of encyclopedic entries, ranging from the six largest European Union members, to various pieces of vehicle engineering, the third note in the whistle register and a chessboard square.  Somehow none of these seem relevant enough.

However, 'G6' apparently most probably references the Gulfstream G650.  And what is that exactly?  It's a twin-engine business jet aircraft currently under construction by Gulfstream Aerospace and once completed will be the largest, fastest and most expensive jet in the Gulfstream with an estimated pricetag exceeding $58million USD. 

But why would a hip-hop song want to refer to an aircraft?  As the song goes, "Now I'm feelin' so fly like a G6".  Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't 'fly' in urban language mean 'cool'?  As the Offspring eloquently put it: "pretty fly for a white guy".  Somehow I don't think this aircraft, however expensive and sophisticated it may be, could be described as cool.  Perhaps this is the Far East Movement punching above their status, aiming to be popular enough to be able to afford a ride in this jet, or even buy it?  Or perhaps it's a pun on the word 'fly', because, you know, that's what aircraft do?

This last definition is probably most likely when we consider the lyrics.  The song is clearly, from the offset, illustrative of getting horrendously drunk, with such colourful lyrics as: "when we drink we do it right gettin' slizzard" and "drink it up, drink-drink it up, when sober girls around me, they be actin' like they drunk".  Therefore, I think it possible to summise that "Now I'm feelin' so high like a G6" means 'You're so f***ing drunk off your tits, you're flying high like an incredibly expensive airplane'.  But closer inspection reveals another couple of lines: "I'mma make it fizz...Take that bottle to the head".  Now perhaps it's just me, but this sounds like sexual innuendo for oral sex, which I think everyone would agree would no doubt add to said europhic, aircraft-like state.  Just take a gander at the phallic CD cover art (above).  Further, this appears to be backed-up by Dev's Booty Bounce, which is sampled on Like a G6 and who is a featured vocalist.  No prizes for guessing what that song is about...

Finally, Urban Dictionary appears to successfully define G6:
"A pimp azz private jet made by Gulfstream (Gulfstream 650). Only Ballers, Rappers, Uber Celebrities, and successful executives are fly enough to get slizzard on a G6."

Equally, from another concise definition:
"A shitty piece of musical composition usually accompanied by illiterate intercity children and oral sex."

So to conclude, what is a G6?  Or more precisely, who gives a shit, especially when (though it is annoyingly catchy and somehow I've managed to dissect this much out of it) the song is, ultimately, rubbish? apparently...