Wednesday 15 December 2010

Dylan LeBlanc - Low

Can we first just discuss that LeBlanc is only 20?!  Yet with his smoky voice and dark, wistful lyrics, he sings with experience far beyond his years.

Low is a track from his album Pauper's Fields (pictured)Originating from Louisiana, his music fits neatly in the Americana category - American folk-rock with a splurge of country.  Think Ryan Adams, but with more of a country twinge.  The song is characterised by the finger-picking and pedal-steel slide guitar styles providing a distinctly American sound and a drum beat that chugs away like a train, above which LeBlanc asks "Are you feeling alright? Are you feeling low?".  It's perfect music to just lie back and relax to.

Sure, country isn't for everyone.  But with this track, LeBlanc has managed to take a fairly uncool genre and make it cool again.

And if you sign up on his website, you can download an mp3 of this song for free! Check it out.