Wednesday 8 December 2010

The Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit)

Oh dear.  It seems Will.I.Am (what's wrong with plain William?) is the administrator of an impressive fall from grace.  After The Black Eyed Peas' previous highs of Where is the Love, Don't Phunk With My Heart and Pump It, he has discovered a passion for sampling, production and futuristic electro which have been imbued into their most recent albums.  Unfortunately, this passion hasn't transfered positively into the music and this song is undoubtedly their worst song to date.  They may be having the time of their lives, but the rest of us aren't.

Why anyone would choose to sample "The Time Of Your Life" is beyond me.  Not only is it a rubbish song anyway, but it's incredibly well known.  Perhaps Will.I.Am has challenged himself to try and make it cool.  He's failed miserably.  It appears that both he and Fergie are incapable of singing without the assistance of autotune - they're no longer human. 

But this sampling is meshed horribly with the "dirty bit": insipid futuristic techno with electronic bleeps and vacuous rapping that is mere tortuous noise.  The combination shouldn't work.  And funnily enough, it doesn't.

Two songs for the price of one?  No deal.